Faces / Faces / Muzzles

Exhibition March 11 − July 11, 2021
Museum AZ (AZ) invites you to visit a large-scale colorful exhibition "Faces / Faces / Muzzles".

More than 70 works of artists of the sixties and contemporary authors are exhibited in the museum halls: Anatoly Zverev, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Dmitry Plavinsky, Vladimir Yakovlev, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Oleg Tselkov, Mikhail Shemyakin, Lev Kropyvnitsky, Marlen Spindler, Boris Sveshnikov, Vyacheslav Kaliber Leonid Purygin, Ivan Lubennikov, Natalia Nesterova, Leonid Rotar, Natalia Turnova, Grigory Bruskin, and photographs of artists captured by Anatoly Brusilovsky and Igor Palmin.

The barbarians preferred to portray "Muzzles" - both more fun and to scare off hostile forces. Christians took up the "Faces" - after all, scenes from the Old and New Testaments became the main subject of the depiction. After the Great French Revolution, the Divine light began to fade, and Faces came to replace Faces - first noble and majestic, and then common people - in all the diversity of characters and features of diverse humanity. But the twentieth century broke out. And Faces, Faces, and Muzzles collided in it. Christian culture was badly wounded, but did not die, therefore, "a series of magical changes of a sweet face" became an object of art. And in literature, and in painting, and in our everyday life, we watched with excitement how the faces turned into muzzles, "but still" sometimes - into faces. Within the walls of the museum, Faces, Faces and Mugs will look into the eyes of each other and the audience in the 21st century.

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