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Low start

Exhibition May 20 − July 16, 2021
Participants: Alexey Barsukov, Daniel Volodin, Kirill Garshin, Dasha Kotlyarova, Yegor Koshelev, Alexander Lavrov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Nana Tatishvili, Katya Frukht, Yakov Khorev, Leonid Tskhe

The Low Start exhibition asks the question: is it possible today to have an honest conversation on the topic of the sacred? Artists of different generations decided to create images based on the plots of the Bible, but their graphic works do not claim to compete with the great tradition. Rather, on the contrary, "low start" is an honest designation of the layer of everyday life in which we are, deprived of the opportunity to live and create in the conditions of daily communication with high examples of art and the atmosphere of the intense spiritual life of the past centuries of Christianity.

The modern world has become a hybrid, high and low are mixed to the point of indistinguishability. But a banal information environment and popular culture are capable of accumulating a genuine sacred experience. And the high academic canon, on the contrary, is to mortify the image in stereotyped and stereotyped.

The exhibitors invited the material of visual culture that makes up their own daily life as allies of Bible reading. These are primary ¸ elementary codes captured in everyday communication experience, social networks. We called them tokens, by analogy with tokens, units of accounting for values and information. Therefore, a "low start" is also about the initial conditions for the accumulation of visual experience to achieve a high goal.

Exhibition architect Mikhail Maslov, together with the MISH studio team, created the composition of the exhibition in the form of a chapel, where the artist meets his token.

"Low start" helps us to understand ourselves: where do we get God's ideas, how we receive and organize information, from which images we weave a garland of sublime themes.

Curator - Sergey Khachaturov