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The smell of art. Transience: fragrances in color

Exhibition May 20 − August 29, 2021
Mauritshuis Royal Gallery presents an exhibition “The smell of art. Transience: fragrances in color ".

The exposition not only acquaints visitors with paintings, drawings, engravings and objects of art of the 17th century, but also demonstrates “what the seventeenth century smelled like”.

In addition to beautiful works of art, which depict luxurious floral still lifes, and a wonderful scent almost greets the viewer, there are also paintings and drawings, standing next to which the visitor of the museum would prefer to hold his nose. With the help of dispensers, you can feel the various odors presented in the paintings, both aromatic and unpleasant. The exhibition explores the depiction of smell and smell in 17th century art, the smells of the past, the role of smell in stories, the "suggestion" of scent in works of art, and sensory perception. Despite the fact that the fragrance is the subject of the exhibition, and there will be all kinds of smells that can be enjoyed, the exposition is a work of art, above all, that carries history.

Based on site materials Royal Gallery of Mauritshuis.