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P. D. Korin. To 125-anniversary of birthday

Exhibition 5 − December 31, 2017
This year marks 125 years since the birth and 50 years since the death of the outstanding Russian artist Pavel Dmitrievich Korin (1892-1967).

These anniversaries, and in memory of an outstanding artist at the State Tretyakov gallery presents the visitors an expanded exhibition of his works from the collections of the Tretyakov gallery and the house Museum of P. D. Korin.

Pavel Korin, a famous Russian and Soviet painter, graphic artist, author of monumental works, he not only worked himself, but he kept what he created by his predecessors — and as a restorer, and as a member of the Committee for the protection of monuments, and as a collector.

In front of the paintings of Pavel Dmitrievich Korin impossible not to stay in power so they attract the viewer's attention. Broad, bold brushwork, intense, rich color, strict compositional rhythms, solemn, as if hammered shapes bring to mind evocative images of ancient art.

With the Tretyakov gallery Pavel Dmitrievich had a special connection. In 1925, the Gallery became the first Museum bought his work, and in 1944 it hosted the first personal exhibition of talented artists. In addition to this, Corinne worked with the Museum as a restorer, he restored a number of works of V. M. Vasnetsov and M. V. Nesterov, was a regular consultant on restoration tips. His house and his collection of art pieces the artist bequeathed to the Tretyakov gallery.

The exhibition shows a series of the most famous portrait of the painter's works of the 1930s-1950s years, representing writers, actors, artists, and a series of portraits of the clergy, conceived as the sketches for the unrealized film "Requiem. Disappearing Russia". Also, one of the key exhibits was the triptych "Alexander Nevsky".

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