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"Az-Art" group exhibition / "Az-Art" group exhibition

Exhibition 13 − August 28, 2020
The exposition of the exhibition includes about 300 works of one hundred and forty-six artists.

The name "Az-art" is a kind of play on words, where "Az" is the starting point, marking the origins on which any artistic creation is based - and "art" - which is translated from English as "art". To an inexperienced viewer, it may seem by ear that the title means some kind of creative "excitement", and this reveals another part of the idea of this exhibition. Relying on classical painting techniques, artists show incredible creative ingenuity, connecting their unique vision of the world around them to techniques widely known in painting. That same amazing play with reality begins, the refraction of reality in the author's view, from which, as a result, a unique work of art is born. But in order to start creating, it is important for an artist to possess not only a wide range of creative skills - it is necessary to use all his “excitement” and creativity in order to risk creating something extraordinary and truly interesting. All this is very important for our rapidly changing time: we do not know how our life will change further, whether we are ready to enter this "brave new world", but from that we are no less interested in watching what is happening around. In the same way, in creativity, we each time observe the transformation of artistic experience into something new, unusual and unusual for the audience's perception.

And this only brings art closer to our everyday realities, strengthening everyone's desire to unravel the author's intention and discover hidden meanings in the picture. All works on display are made in different techniques and styles using a wide variety of materials. But one thing brings them together - a kind of response to the events of this year, reflection on the changes that have taken place in a person's usual life, the search for new ideas and forms and, of course, the artist's attempt to find himself and his place in our constantly renewing world.