Monet to Etrata

Exhibition July 1 − October 17, 2021
Meet Monet at a turning point in his pursuit of impressions at the Monet exhibition in Etrata. In this specialized exhibition, Monet's painting Fishing Boats at Etrata becomes part of the larger landscape of the creative development of this important artist. During the 1880s, the tensions in the artist's life and the growing financial pressure to create marketable works led Monet to the seaside town of Etrata on the Normandy coast, well known as a destination for tourists and artists. This period of artistic disillusionment and self-doubt turned out to be fruitful, which he could not have imagined at the time. With 10 paintings created by Monet and 12 works by other artists from his era, this exhibition sheds light on an often overlooked period of growth in Monet's life, which created the myth of the man, which Guy de Maupassant described as “no longer an artist, but a real hunter. ... ... in pursuit of impressions. "
Galleries at the exhibition