May something else live in me

Exhibition June 22 − October 10, 2021
The State Tretyakov Gallery presents an exhibition project "May something else live in me".

The exhibition of the LABORATORIA Art & Science space is attended by artists: Marina Abramovich (Serbia – USA), Ralph Becker (Germany), Danya Vasiliev (Russia-Germany), Agnes Mayer-Brandis (Germany), Elena Nikonole (Russia), Nina Raicic (Australia), Sasha Spachal (Slovenia), Jenna Sutela (Finland), Art Orient objet (France), :: vtol :: (Russia).
International science-art project “Let something else live in me” is an opportunity to get acquainted with new ways and forms of interaction with non-human agents: plants, animals, bacteria, artificial intelligence and physical processes on a planetary scale. The exhibition presents 11 projects of foreign and Russian artists who, in collaboration with scientists and engineers, are looking for ways to learn to recognize themselves as part of hybrid communities, communicate in a new way, overcome interspecific boundaries and think non-anthropocentrically.

One of the subsections of the exposition is the scientific and artistic experiment "Measuring the magic of the eye" Marina Abramovichbased on her famous performance "In the presence of the artist", tests the hypothesis that eye-to-eye gaze triggers brain synchronization. Viewers will be able to visit the site of the participants in the experiment and try themselves in non-verbal communication using glances.

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