Giacometti: the family of creators

Exhibition July 3 − November 14, 2021
The Marguerite and Amy Might Foundation holds an exhibition "Giacometti: A Family of Creators.".

This unique project illuminates the work of a famous family of artists from the Swiss village of Stampa, demonstrating the talent and originality of Giacometti: the world-famous Alberto, his father Giovanni, his cousin Augusto and his two brothers, Diego and Bruno. They were artists, sculptors and architects who left their mark on twentieth-century art.

Based on some thirty major sculptures and drawings from the collection, supplemented by paintings, films, archival photographs and objects, the Might Foundation highlights the unique, unusual history of these five artists from the same family: Giovanni Giacometti, painter (1868-1933), his three sons, Alberto Giacometti, painter, draftsman and sculptor (1901-1966); Diego Giacometti, sculptor and designer (1902-1985) and Bruno Giacometti, architect (1907-2012) and finally their cousin Augusto Giacometti, artist (1877-1947).

Prepared according to the materials of the website the Marguerite and Amy Might Foundation.