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Monument to Labor. Sculpture of socialist countries of the 20th century

Exhibition June 18 − October 31, 2021
The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia holds an exhibition "Monument to Labor. Sculpture of Socialist Countries of the 20th Century".

The exhibition features works by sculptors from the collection of the State Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.

In the age of information technology and high-tech workflows, there are fewer and fewer professions in which human physical labor is involved. However, this was not always the case, and half a century ago sculptors and artists addressed the theme of labor in its physical beauty. However, the industrialization of the first half of the twentieth century often made a man just a continuation of the machine, its detail - albeit an important one. The subjects of easel paintings by Yuri Pimenov, Alexander Samokhvalov and Alexander Deineka erased the boundaries between the human and the machine: the god of the machine dictated the aesthetic of daily labor.

Prepared according to the materials of the website State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.