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People's Thought. Arkady Plastov Exhibition

Exhibition June 19 − October 3, 2021
Vyatka Art Museum named after V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov. V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov Museum invites you to visit a large exhibition of paintings Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov's Thought of the People.

In the halls of the museum there are more than a hundred paintings, including his most famous paintings - "The Fascist Flew Over", "Saturday", "Bathing the Horses", portraits of peasants, as well as historical photographs from the archives of the artist's family. The exhibition also includes works by A. Plastov from the funds of the Vyatka Museum of Art.

Arkady Plastov - the author of the most famous paintings, which largely determined the face of national art of the twentieth century. His paintings reflect the ordeals of the Soviet people during the war ("The Fascist Flew Over," 1942), the patriotic work of women, the elderly and children in the collective farm fields during the war years, the postwar labor boom ("Collective Farm Flows," 1949, "Dinner tractor drivers", 1951), the life of the Russian village ("Spring", 1952, "Summer", 1954, "First Snow", 1946). The picture "Spring" is also widely known for its resonance in society.

Prepared according to the materials of the website The Vyatka Museum of Art named after V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov. V. M. and A. M. Vasnetsov.