Viktor Pivovarov. Moscow Gothic

Exhibition May 14 − November 22, 2021
National Gallery, Prague holds an exhibition "Viktor Pivovarov. Moscow Gothic.".

The exhibition Moscow Gothic, named after one of the artist's most fascinating paintings, uniting the metaphysical world with everyday reality, explores fundamental themes of the artist's work, from his childhood or past mysteries to eroticism and the grotesque. With more than two hundred works created over fifty years, the exhibition will fully present Pivovarov's rich life, from surrealist and conceptual paintings, drawings and albums created in Moscow in the 1970s and after his move to Prague in 1982, to his new works exhibited for the first time. The exhibition will also provide a rare opportunity to see some of Pivovarov's most important paintings, borrowed exclusively from Russia.

Pivovarov is a creator of worlds. He invents mystical worlds, resurrects past worlds and discovers hidden worlds. He opens doors, looks through windows into private interiors and observes familiar scenes in a frank manner, playful and gentle. His paintings and drawings are full of "characters" of our everyday lives, such as a teapot, a box of matches or a fish in a glass, and he invites us to look at the worlds in which we live with new eyes.

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Galleries at the exhibition