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Konstantin Korovin. Masterpieces from private collections

Exhibition August 23 − October 23, 2021
"Collector's Club" holds an exhibition in the halls of the Artifact Gallery Center "Konstantin Korovin. Masterpieces from Private Collections".

The exhibition is dedicated to the 160th anniversary of Konstantin Korovin (1861 - 1939) and includes more than 40 paintings and drawings of the artist from the collections of the Club members.

Konstantin Korovin made a significant contribution to Russian and world culture. A master of color, cheerfully in love with earthly colors, he was able to make the whole picture picturesque and valuable by exceptionally successful interpretation of his favorite roses, a woman's dress, an illuminated room, a coastal landscape. Light, both sunny and artificial, in all its forms, from electric lantern to campfire, is a painterly technique particularly successful for K. Korovin. Having perceived the "light" art of the early Impressionists more deeply than any other influences, Korovin created his best works in this very field. Konstantin Alekseevich's work had a strong influence on the fine and theatrical art of the early twentieth century.

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