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Back to the USSR. From the Thaw to Perestroika. Art 1960-1980.

Exhibition August 5 − September 5, 2021
The I.N. Kramskoy Voronezh Regional Art Museum hosts an exhibition "Back to the USSR. From the Thaw to Perestroika. Art 1960-1980.".

The project is dedicated to the most important stage in the development of Russian art from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s. The exhibition includes more than 45 works of painting and drawing from the golden holdings of ROSIZO.

The exhibition is structured by sections. Visitors will see the works of "official" artists ("Fishermen of Pskov Lake" by Peter Ossovsky, "Civil War" by Yuri Korolev, "Trähgorka Finishers" by Aaron April), traditionalists ("Boys" by Alexander Gritsai, "In the studio. Spring" by Yuri Kugach), masters of the Moscow school ("Artist Nina Nykogosyan" by Max Birstein), metaphysical realism, neoacademism and other directions. They are represented by famous masters Tatiana Nazarenko, Natalia Nesterova, Olga Bulgakova, Elena Romanova, Oleg Vukolov and others.

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Galleries at the exhibition