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"RUSSIAN ART WEEK" international exhibition-contest of contemporary art kicks off on 21 November 2017.


International painting competition


art Modern Art Modern art Abstract art Figurative art Folk art

Traditional Art Modern Art Contemporary Art Abstract Art Figurative Art Folk Art

Traditional Art -

Traditional and

classic shape



Modern Art - stories, filled with the characteristic symbolism of the images based on the individuality of the author's view, the freedom of his thoughts and inner emotions. Contemporary Arts - the art that is created in the context of today's day and usually responds to its context, or commented on it. Abstract Art - a complete rejection of a valid transfer of images aimed at creating a kind of associations in the viewer, through a combination of on canvas of different geometric shapes of specific colors. Figurative Art - a set of genres, or otherwise depicting nature, preserving partial resemblance to reality. Folk Art - the unity of material and spiritual culture of a people, a synthetic character associated with his employment. The basis of folk art lies mytho-poetic vision of the world.

Nominations: Nominations: Nominations: Nominations: Nominations: Nominations:

1. Genre painting

2. Landscape

3. Still life

4. Architecture

5. Spirituality

6. The synthesis of genres

1. Avant-garde 2. Constructivism 3. Cubism 4. Primitive 5. Surrealism 6. Futurism 7. Expressionism 8. Conceptualism 9. Pop art 10. Fauvism 1. Image (shapes and boundaries) 2. Object (ready-made) 3. Installation 4. Performance 5. Tech art 1. Abstract expressionism 2. Geometric abstraction 3. Conceptual abstraction 4. Futuristic abstraction 5. Experiment 1. Figure 2. The figure of the animal 3. Items 4. Architecture 5. Figurativism 1. Naive art 2. Genre folk painting 3. Esoteric 4. Synthesis

International graphics competition:


"Classic graphics": Category "Experimental graphics": Category "Book graphics":


1. Landscape

2. Portrait

3. Still life

4. Theme song

5. Academic drawing categories: 1. The landscape of the avant garde 2. Portrait of the avant-garde 3. Still life in vanguard style 4. Theme song 5. Abstract composition categories: 1. Book illustration 2. Caricature 3. Poster 4. Etching

International competition

sculpture: international art textiles: international competition for decorative art:


1. Sculpture

2. Sculptural composition

3. Relief

4. Installation

5. Experimental

the sculptural form of the Nomination: 1. Embroidery 2. Lace and knitting 3. Felting and weaving 4. Prints 5. Batik 6. Weaving and fabric 7. Textile painting/murals categories: 1. Decorative painting 2. Inlays, murals, mosaics 3. Thread 4. Dolls and toys 5. Souvenirs and gifts 6. Accessories 7. Ceramics 8. Iconography 9. Decorative panels 10. Natural materials

Information about the organizing Committee: E-mail: Skype: Euroartweek, ICQ 439-001-943

Tel.: +7 (495) 5068044, +7 (925) 4338821, Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 6407722, +7 (495) 6407733,

Postal address: 119049, Moscow, St. Krimsky Val, 8/2, 1st floor, KAB. "Union of artists".