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Seven Of Josef Lada

Exhibition November 15, 2017 − April 1, 2018
Exhibition"Seven Of Josef Lada" timed to the 130th anniversary of birth and 60th anniversary of the death of one of the most popular artists of the Czech Republic. The name was chosen: the master was born in 1887, and left it three days before his 70th anniversary, in 1957. the Exposition is in the dancing building – the largest in the last 10 years: more than 400 works from eight museums, galleries and private collections. Josef Lada is represented in all of their artistic roles as artist, writer, Illustrator, cartoonist and set designer.

A special place in the work of Josef Lada is a series of illustrations for the novel the good soldier Schweik. Its author, a future classic of Czech literature Jaroslav Hasek, the artist became friends in 1907. The writer asked him to illustrate "the adventures of..." in 1921. As a result, the Josef Lada has created more than 500 illustrations.

Josef Lada has created such characters as the cat makes and Piglet Pasic. Thus in his works he often turned to the Christmas theme. Stories of famous: the wonderful news of the birth of the Savior Jesus, the adoration, the arrival of the Three Kings.