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From scratch: the artist and the built environment

Exhibition September 16, 2021 − July 24, 2022
The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is holding an exhibition "From scratch: the artist and the built environment".

The exhibition is dedicated to artists interested in architecture and the built environment. The focus is on the Impressionists, who took a romantic approach to painting cityscapes, as well as the "high-precision" artists and photorealists, who create remarkably realistic post-industrial landscapes.

Paintings by George Copeland Ault, Baskov, Chen Chee, Colin Campbell Cooper, Edith Neff, Louis B. Sloan, Charles Sheeler and others will allow you to immerse yourself in the work of artists whose technique, perspective and subject matter reflect different approaches to contemporary physical culture and understand its place in the twentieth century.

Prepared according to the materials of the website Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA).