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Titian's vision of a woman

Exhibition October 5, 2021 − January 16, 2022
The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien presents the "star" of the European autumn exhibition season - the exhibition "Titian's vision of a woman.".

This exhibition explores the Venetian image of women in the context of sixteenth-century ideals and contemporary society. Shortly after 1500, Titian in Venice began to produce paintings that portrayed women in a new light. Inspired by contemporary love poetry and literature, Titian and his contemporaries, including Palma Vecchio, Lorenzo Lotto, Paris Bordone, Jacopo Tintoretto, and Paolo Veronese painted poetic, sensual, idealizing (and innovative) depictions of women that inspired European painting for centuries.

In his paintings of women, Titian celebrates women as the most magnificent object in life, love and art. Major loans from international museums and collections, together with selected masterpieces from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien illustrate this fascinating and multifaceted subject.

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