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"I usually start with chalk...". Emile Nolde's painting techniques

Exhibition October 16, 2021 − April 18, 2022
Hamburg Kunsthalle is holding an exhibition "I usually start with chalk...".

The exhibition of 45 paintings by Emil Nolde demonstrates the results of the research project into the creative work of the German expressionist and gives a profound insight into his painting techniques.

What materials did Nolde use and what did their properties mean to him? How did he use a brush? Did he use any other tools? The exhibition, among other things, answers these questions and shows how material and working methods influence the effect of the image. In the early 20th century, the art of Expressionism led to a new approach to working with color and form and broke with painterly and technical traditions. Known for his colorful floral paintings and landscapes, Nolde considered himself a figurative painter. Hamburg inspired his many works, and it was here that the importance and singularity of his work was recognized early on.

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