Venus of Foreign Lands. Traveling objects and materials

Exhibition September 22, 2021 − July 4, 2022
The Louvre and the Petit Galerie present an exhibition "Venus of Foreign Lands. Traveling objects and materials".

The fascinating exhibition will allow visitors to travel back in time and around the world, get acquainted with the objects and materials of travelers of different eras.

Since ancient times carnelian, lapis lazuli, ebony and ivory have "travelled" on trade routes: these materials were valued for their rarity, but also because they came to Europe from afar and fostered myths about their origins. With the lapse of time began to travel and exotic animals, after which appeared in the creations of artists. As a result, forms, techniques, and themes intertwined, and authors created new objects that reflected the complexity of our world in Europe from the late Middle Ages onwards.

Prepared according to the materials of the website Louvre Museum, Paris.