Measuring Icon.

Exhibition November 17, 2021 − November 17, 2022
A measured icon is an icon of the namesake saint in whose honor the child was baptized. The height of the icon is equal to the infant's height at birth. As a rule, it is a life-size image of the saint. The tradition to order a full-length icon by an iconographer used to refer to royalty only, and not to anyone else, i.e. it was a royal privilege. That is why these icons are so little and have survived to this day, no more than a dozen. The rest of the Orthodox Church ordered icons of their namesake saints without referring them to the height of the child, but just in a usual small size and format. Four-, five-, or seven-vertical icons.
Today tradition to order measuring icons for a christening of the baby or even simply in blessing to the children and grandsons began to revive again.Very beautiful and real icons write in the Moscow Iconographic Workshop. To write the icon, as in antiquity it is necessary to take a board with an ark on the front side and two embedded dowels at the back, glued linen cloth, levkas is natural chalk levkas on fish glue, polished and gilded this gold, and then disclosed rubbed on a stone slab with egg and wine coloured minerals. To order this icon you can call by phone 8 916 655 4595.
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