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Ferdinand Pain and Govert Flinck. The Disciples Of Rembrandt

Exhibition October 13, 2017 − February 18, 2018
This double exhibition in Amsterdam and many paintings collected from all over the world. Some of them returned to the capital of the Netherlands for the first time since the seventeenth century. Exhibition "Ferdinand the Pain and Govert Flinck. The Disciples Of Rembrandt" explores the skill of the two artists, which at the time was more popular than teacher.

In The house-Museum of Rembrandt where he lived and worked for nearly twenty years, the emphasis is on the time the Pain and Flink spent with the master. In the Historical Museum of Amsterdam, visitors will learn how the two became great artists, have become formidable competitors of his former teachers and each other.

At the final stage of the exhibition to the exhibition in the Historical Museum were added two paintings by Govert Flinck from a private collection. They were written in the year 1654, are in good condition and not exhibited to the public for over a century.

In the same period, various aspects of the creativity of two artists represent the Royal Palace on Dam square and Museum van Loon. In the Amsterdam Hermitage Museum, an exhibition of works by Dutch masters from the gallery's collection.