Aquatinta: from origins to Goya

Exhibition October 24, 2021 − February 21, 2022
National Gallery of Art, Washington invites you to visit the exhibition "Aquatinta: From origins to Goya".

The exhibition features engravings in a new, "revolutionary" for the XVIII century technique - aquatint, which expanded the possibilities of creating and distributing images throughout Europe.

Aquatints created amazing imitations of the depth and subtle variations of ink shades, diluted inks and watercolor drawings. Created in multiple copies, Aquatints were enthusiastically embraced by artists as a form of visual learning, intellectual exercise and social pastime. These compositions, usually printed in a predominance of brown and black ink, attracted viewers with scenes of distant places, scientific phenomena, and imagined visions. The atmosphere of excitement and intrigue around aquatint innovation coincided with the Enlightenment era's fascination with discovery and advances in knowledge.

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