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The Golden Age of Kabuki Prints

Exhibition January 15 − June 26, 2022
The Art Institute of Chicago holds an exhibition "The Golden Age of Kabuki Prints

The exhibition includes works by prominent artists who created portraits of actors performing in popular kabuki plays in Edo. Many of the prints depict the actors in a realistic setting - outside or under a flowering tree, rather than on stage. The exhibition will take place in two rotations.

The Kabuki theater district of eighteenth-century Edo (present-day Tokyo) was one of the centers of city life. At the theater, people could break free from the rigid constraints of a society controlled by the shogunate government and watch their favorite actors act out dramas, often based on ancient historical events and myths. These were stories of murder, revenge, shame, jealousy, and redemption.

Prepared according to the materials of the website of the Art Institute of Chicago.