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"Vertical": on the 85th anniversary of Stanislav Govorukhin

Exhibition August 28, 2021 − June 30, 2022
Stanislav Govorukhin, director of timeless films, author of sincere and wise books, charismatic public and political figure, and unflappable dandy, did so much that would be enough for several lifetimes. He fit it all into one, and that was life - vertically.

Vertical Exhibition in the Museum of Cinema reproduces elements of the artist's studio, the house where he lived and worked. The portrait of Stanislav Sergeyevich will be completed by stories of his friends and associates, which will be broadcast in the exhibition with the help of media resources: director Sergey Solovyov, actors Sergey Nikonenko and Tamara Akulova, singer and composer Alexander Rosenbaum, artist Alexander Shilov and actress and deputy of the Russian State Duma Elena Drapeko.

The exhibition includes more than three hundred items, they will be presented in seven thematic sections, devoted to different periods of life and work of Stanislav Govorukhin. Visitors to the exhibition will get acquainted with the manuscripts - Govorukhin's first literary experiments, with the letters of Vladimir Vysotsky and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, with samples of film production documentation of the 1960s-1980s (directors' scripts with handwritten notes and drawings - storyboards and correspondence with industry ministries that provided resources for filming), as well as with his painting works.

A unique object is on display at the exhibition - a wreckage of the helicopter that crashed during the filming of Govorukhin's "White Explosion" (1969), and special showcases contain smoking pipes from Stanislav Sergeyevich's vast collection.

Interactive installation "Communication Tube", referring to the object of the same name from the film "Assa" by Sergei Solovyov, will allow visitors to interact virtually with the film characters played by Govorukhin.

This project became possible primarily thanks to Galina Borisovna Govorukhina, a faithful and reliable companion of Stanislav Sergeyevich for more than 50 years, who gave Govorukhin's archive to the Cinema Museum.

Galleries at the exhibition