Victory Time

Exhibition November 25, 2021 − November 25, 2023
At the show "Time to Win." presents prizes, awards and commemorative plaques, which in different years were awarded to Soviet and Russian filmmakers and their films - so one of the important themes of the main exposition of the museum "The Labyrinth of History" is developed.

At the exhibition "Time of Victories" we present mostly those prizes and commemoratives from the collection of the Museum of Cinema, which have not been exhibited before. For example, prizes of one of the oldest and most authoritative international film festivals - Leipzig Festival of Documentary and Animated Film. In different years, they were awarded to the employees of the Central Documentary Film Studio (CCDF). Also in the new section of the exhibition "The Labyrinth of History" you can see prizes of other film festivals, which retained and strengthened their authority in the XXI century - the Venice Bridge, the film festivals in Karlovy Vary, Oberhausen, Locarno. The prizes of the All-Union Film Festival that wandered through the capitals of the Soviet republics, each performed in accordance with the national traditions of arts and crafts, make up an interesting block of the exhibition "Time of Victories". It is important to note that in recent years the prize collection of the Cinema Museum was enlarged by prizes of our contemporaries - and they took their places in the museum showcases for the first time.

Galleries at the exhibition