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"Iya and I." To the 75th anniversary of the actor Yuri Bogatyrev

Exhibition March 5 − May 17, 2022
At iya and I for the first time the museum displays items from the archive of the People's Artist of the USSR Ia Savvina. The archive came to the museum quite recently, at the end of 2021, on the initiative of the wife of the actress - actor and film director Anatoly Vasilyev. This interesting collection consists of personal belongings of Ia Sergeyevna, graphic works (most of which are made by friends and relatives of the actress), souvenirs, playing up the images of Savvina's screen characters, manuscripts (diaries of the actress, letters of friends, postcards), photographs, etc.

Without Iya Savvina it is impossible to imagine the history of Russian cinema - because she played major roles in the landmark films of the 60s ("Lady with the Dog" by Joseph Heifits, "The Story of Asya Klyachina, who loved but did not marry" by Andrei Konchalovsky), her character in "Garage", the scientist Anikeeva (as, however, all the characters of this sad comedy of Eldar Ryazanov) became a folklore character. The individuality of this actress was such that cinema could not do without her for many decades.

The exhibit "Iya and I" includes selected items from Iya Savvina's recently received by the museum archive, including drawings (painted greeting cards) by Yuri Bogatyrev, an actor who was a frequent guest in Savvina-Vasilyev's home. Bogatyrev and Savvina were bound together by a long friendship and stage partnership (both had served in the Moscow Art Theater since 1977). Iya Savvina and Yuri Bogatyryov were born on the same day - March 2.

The year 2022 marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of Yuri Bogatyryov, one of the most brilliant actors of the national cinema and theater of the 70-80s, star of Nikita Mikhalkov's films "A Friend among Strangers, a Stranger among a Friend," "Several Days in the Life of I.I. Oblomov," "An Unfinished Piece for the Mechanical Piano," "A Homeland. Our exhibition reminds us of another hypostasis of Bogatyrev - he was an original and prolific artist. Almost all of his many friends and colleagues have in their archives, home collections of portraits, drawings, postcards from Yuri Bogatyrev. Of course, they were also in the archive of his close friend, the famous actress and hostess of the hospitable house Iya Savvina.
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