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Exhibition 1 − April 17, 2022
In times of turbulence, one subconsciously, and often consciously, seeks support in something eternal, unquestioning, ideal, whole, rich, hopeful.

Art is traditionally perceived not only as the materialization of the world around us in one form or another, not only as the fixation of a part of life in time and space, but also as a touch of something that has survived us for several generations...and divine, or at least containing in itself a spark of the mysterious, mystical, that stands out beyond.

The temporary and ephemeral, existing here and now, is transformed into another reality, sometimes future, but always new...

The current turbulence demystifies attempts to understand and perceive art as an experience of escape from and to oneself and dispels the illusions accumulated by previous generations and passed down to us.

The awareness of the ephemeral nature of human existence resounded with new force, we were left alone with this world, nature, the cosmos.

We are in an enclosed space with four walls, like four sides of the world.

Day alternates with night, but there is always light to replace darkness.

We are at the center of the space inside the four walls and we are everywhere.

We are the flickering light of life.

We are the here and now, with a clear gradation to the eternal.

Ephemerality in the eternal.

One-Momentality in Eternity.

No mysticism.

Transformation of consciousness.

The opening will take place on April 1, 2022 at 19:00
Dates From 01.04.2022 - 17.04.2022
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