Van Gogh and Olive Groves

Exhibition March 11 − June 12, 2022
The Vincent van Gogh Museum presents an exhibition "Van Gogh and the Olive Groves".

The exhibition brought together more than fifteen paintings by Vincent Van Gogh from museums in Europe and the United States, in which the artist depicted olive trees.

Vincent was 36 years old when he became interested in painting olive groves in the south of France. He saw many olive trees around the orphanage where he spent a year because of psychological problems. The rugged shapes of the trees reflected Vincent's creative and intellectual journey. Van Gogh painted fifteen paintings of olive groves, constantly experimenting with different approaches. Fascinated by the gnarly forms of the olive trees and their ever-changing colors, he painted them over and over again... He painted at different times of day and used colors inspired by the seasons. Vincent himself considered his paintings of olive trees to be the best paintings he created in the south of France.

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