Winslow Homer: The Gulf Stream

Exhibition April 11 − July 31, 2022
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York invites you to visit a large-scale exhibition "Winslow Homer: Gulfstream.".

Featuring 88 oil and watercolor paintings, the exhibit is the largest critical survey of Winslow Homer's art and life in more than a quarter century.

Winslow Homer (1836-1910), known for his powerful paintings of American life and landscapes, remains a significant figure whose art continues to appeal to a wide audience. This exhibition reimagines Homer's work through the lens of conflict, a theme that has crossed throughout his prolific career. The author's art is imbued with an enduring fascination with struggle, from symbolic depictions of the Civil War to dramatic scenes of rescue and hunting, to monumental seascapes and dazzling tropical landscapes.

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