Giorgio Vasari. Book of drawings. The fate of a legendary collection

Exhibition March 31 − July 18, 2022
The Louvre is holding an exhibition "Giorgio Vasari. Book of Drawings. The fate of a legendary collection".

Giorgio Vasari created what was probably the first collection of drawings based on the logic of historicization: the legendary "Libro de' designi" - the widely acclaimed "Vitae descriptions of outstanding painters, sculptors and architects. on June 29, 1574, two days after Vasari's death, his heirs gave the book to Francesco I, Grand Duke of Tuscany. After that it disappeared.

Great collectors and connoisseurs of the 17th and 18th centuries dreamed of acquiring it and believed they owned drawings from the Book. The most famous of these, Pierre-Jean Mariette, started the tradition of considering a certain type of decorative and architectural montage as an indication that the leaf belonged to the legendary Vasari collection.

This exhibition, organized by the Louvre and the National Museum in Stockholm, focuses on unexpected finds and discoveries made more than half a century ago.

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