Oleg Khmelev. Bim-Bom

Exhibition 4 − June 26, 2022
The Autochthonous Linguistics Institute exhibition project, held at Victoria Underground in May 2022, explored the theme of art for dogs. The op-ed pieces collected by contemporary artists touched on different aspects of canine perception - the dichromatic spectrum, sound, smells, and movement.

In June 2022 we invite you to the second part of this project - an exhibition of the artist Oleg Khmelev "Bim-Bom", dedicated to his studio in a garage on the outskirts of St. Petersburg and his unusual studio neighbors - dogs Bim and Bom.
"Artist Oleg Khmelyov works in an unusual workshop: he creates his installation "Bim-Bom," consisting of abstract and figurative paintings, sculptures, objects, and videos, in a garage on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. The garage studio is not only a place of work, but also the reality, the texture that Khmelyov recreates in art. Here, where new buildings end and patches of technical areas sprawl, in the narrow passage between rows of garage houses Khmelyov in good weather arranges improvised exhibitions of his paintings "in nature," continuing the glorious tradition of "Letopis" and Boris Koshelokhov, and his paintings have unusual first viewers: the canine family that guards the garage array" - Ekaterina Andreeva

Oleg Khmelev was born in 1982 in Leningrad. He is a graduate of the N.K. Roerich Art Institute in St. Petersburg. He is a co-founder of the art association "North-7" and an active participant of exhibitions in Russia and Europe, both personally and as part of "North-7".
The June 4 opening will include a performance from the K.art.off.l School of Dance Practices in the Victoria Underground courtyard at 6 p.m. The official opening will include an artist talk and mediation by artist Oleg Khmelev on the exhibition.

Supported by NameGallery, St. Petersburg
Exhibition 0+
Opening: June 4 at 18:00
Free admission
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