New Artists 2022

Exhibition 4 − August 21, 2022
august 4-21, 2022
Viktoria Underground
Opening: August 4, 19:00
Curators - Oksana Stogova, Kristina Syrchikova, Yana Klink, Yuliana Avramenko

on August 4, the Victoria Underground will start a new exhibition season!
Traditionally, we begin with the "New Artists" exhibition. This exhibition is the final stage for the students of the Victoria Gallery's educational projects, where they will show their graduation works to the audience.

Since September 2021, dozens of students have mastered the basics of contemporary painting, photography, collage, and illustration, studied classical and contemporary art theory, and practiced the craft of performance art.
This Thursday they are ready to present their graduation projects in the walls of the main gallery of contemporary art in Samara.

Participants in "New Artists 2022" are students from four schools at once. The exhibition will include abstractions from the QUADRO school, photo projects from the School of Project Photography, illustrations from the graduates of the "Play in Illustration" school, and video documentation of performances from the Laboratory of Contemporary Dance Practices "K.ART.OFF.L".

Admission to the exhibition is free!

We are waiting for you to open the new season and evaluate the art of newcomer artists!

Address: 2 Nekrasovskaya Street, Viktoria Underground
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