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About the exhibition
National Museum in Krakow for the first time in this century turned to the work of the master whose works left a significant mark in the appearance of the city and Polish culture in General. The 110th anniversary of the death of the great poet, painter, playwright, designer and set designer Stanislav wyspianskiego gallery presented about hundred works of one of the founders of the Polish modernism. It is the largest exhibition of works wyspianskiego since 2000.

National Museum in Krakow has the most complete and valuable collection of one of the most important, unique and appreciated Polish artists of the late XIX – early XX centuries. Stanislaus wyspianskiego put on a par with such European pillars of modernism, as Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha and Antonio Gaudi. At home it is informally called "the fourth Polish bard" along with Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz słowacki. and by Sigmund Krasinski.

The exhibition now presents drawings, stage design and typographic sketches, exquisite collection of portraits and landscapes, mostly done in pastel, which the artist skillfully mastered. The artist depicted family, friends and colleagues. The common characters of the sketches were his four children in various everyday situations. Stanislav Wyspianski believed that a portrait is a reflection of the moment. He had never painted a model, but always a person. Images of children always filled with great tenderness and full of charm, innocence and sincerity.

Cracow landscapes, especially types of Wawel hill, sends love to his hometown and Polish history. In addition, Wyspianski made a series of sketches of the kościuszko Mound, which was visible from the window of his workshop. By the time because of the illness of the master almost didn't leave the house, but because a lot of times portrayed this landscape in different weather, at different times of day and in different light.

Along with these works in a retrospective show presents furniture, textiles, and other objects created Wyspianski, as well as his sculptures, graphic designs, art books and even some personal things.
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