Bedtime Stories

Exhibition March 11 − April 15, 2023
The project will present a series of works in which the world of fantastic creatures is intertwined with reality, reality and dream. Referring to folk folklore, which she was introduced to as a child by her grandmother, the artist says that fairy tales are ambiguous: they provoke fear, but at the same time teach to cope with it, laying the foundation for the psyche in childhood, explaining what is good and what is bad, manifesting the victory of good over evil. Fairy tales are often based on one's desire to possess something that is out of the real world's control - find the feather of the Firebird, catch the fairy, tame the devil of the sea. Go there, I don't know where, bring this, I don't know what. Her fairy tale and fantasy characters are an allegory of what people can eat figuratively and factually, taking possession of the unseen and unbelievable. Their images refer to medieval chimeras, embodying metaphorically with their bizarre appearance human passions.

Against the background of the all-consuming desire for possession and power, colored darkly in fairy tales, the artist asks: how can a person, who as a child understood what is white and what is black, transgress humanistic ideals as an adult? It is so important not to lose the inner child, the naivety, the clumsiness, the sincerity, and to discover a new world with delight.