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Opening of the group exhibition "Decadence 2.0

Exhibition March 24 − April 5
Is it a dark time, a time of mystery and change?
All of us face the duality of experience, being at the crossroads of two eras and embracing the new rules of the game.
When the familiar world collapses, common sense is countered by intuition, rational knowledge of the world by the irrational, art pushes the boundaries of language, the features are most vague and fluid, uncharted shades of creativity appear - like hallucinations of obsessions, fragile neurosis and amoral passion.
How do contemporary creators see décadence? Is art for art's sake? Falling values of content? Aestheticism of sin and vice, the rejection of the moral code, the cult of beauty as the highest value, refinement and mysticism combined with eroticism?
Surrounded by self-destruction, the cult of beauty, and longing for former spiritual ideals, we present to you Decadence 2.0.
The exhibition is curated by Katerina Vishnevskaya. Admission to the exhibition is free.
Galleries at the exhibition