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Petersburg artist Vasily Sadovnikov

Exhibition December 12, 2017 − March 11, 2018
The state Pushkin Museum opened its halls the first monographic exhibition of the famous artist era of Pushkin, Vasily Semenovich Sadovnikov.

About 100 of the artist's works, including little-known wide audience circle, brought to Moscow from The state Museum of history of St. Petersburg in which collection is stored a significant part of the artistic heritage of V. S. Sadovnikova.

Exhibition "Petersburg artist Vasily Sadovnikov (1800-1879)"
these are drawings of the artist and lithographs, executed in his drawings, mainly views of St. Petersburg and its immediate environs, as well as Moscow, Novgorod, Vilna (Vilnius), Kovno (Kaunas), Helsingfors (Helsinki), Sveaborg (Suomenlinna).

About the artist's life little is known. By 1838, despite the fame, he remained the serf of the Princess N. P. Galitzine and got freedom only after her death.

One of the largest works of the artist – drawings to lithographic "Panorama of Nevsky prospect", where you with photographic accuracy depicted every house on Nevsky Prospekt from the beginning to the Anichkov bridge.
The exhibition presents two sides of "Panorama of Nevsky prospect" from the collection of the State Pushkin Museum, glued to the ribbon: right – more than 7 meters in length – consists of 14 sheets; the left side is more than 8 meters, consists of 16 leaves. On "Panorama" Sadovnikova captured many famous St. Petersburg citizens, including A. S. Pushkin.

Will enhance the understanding of the work of V. S. Sadovnikova graphic sheets with images of different cities of Russia and significant historical events.

Materials State Museum of A. S. Pushkin.