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The exhibition of the houses of IDOLL

Exhibition 20 − June 25
An exhibition of lodges and rumboxes will open this summer in St. Petersburg.

A dollhouse is the secret dream of many girls of all ages. There are lovers and connoisseurs of miniature (and sometimes not so) houses in all countries of the world.
And the small rooms or parts of the house - the so-called room (room and box), incredibly popular in Europe and has recently gained the love of young and adult Russians.

You will see the houses of a bygone era, modern "derelicts", fairy tale, fantasy, literary worlds recreated in old suitcases, boxes, even teapots - all this is a special world with its own viewers and collectors.

We invite you to get acquainted with this mysterious and so coveted from childhood world of fairy houses, created by artists from different cities of Russia and abroad. For the first time, the theme of houses and roomboxes will be highlighted in a separate, thematic exhibition.

At the exhibition thematic master classes are planned, as well as lectures and presentations of art materials for masters and novice artists.

Address: Liteiny prospect, 55 Books and Graphics Center

Galleries at the exhibition