Enamel Harmony. Copper-cast plastic

Exhibition August 10 − October 1, 2023
The exhibition will present works of Christian copper-cast plastics decorated with enamel - a material requiring high skill, the technique of making which was borrowed from Byzantium. In Ancient Russia, copper-cast enamel products were known from the pre-Mongol period. Crosses-encolpions of the XII century, decorated with cloisonné multicolored enamel, exhibited at the exhibition, belong to this period.

A significant part of the exposition will include items made in the foundries of the Vygovsky monastery, the largest Pomor spiritual and artistic center of the Old Believers, as well as in Moscow foundries, which since the late 18th century have been the continuators of the Pomor casting traditions. The foundry workers of Vyg reached a high level of skill in the art of enamel decoration of copper-cast works. Their enamels were distinguished by a rich palette and harmonious coloristic solutions. The products of Moscow masters are characterized by special decorativeness and a variety of colors, sometimes creating unique combinations.

The exhibition will be of interest not only to representatives of Old Believers, but also to all those interested in Russian Christian art, as well as to a wide range of visitors.

The curators of the exhibition are M.B. Mindlin, Director of the Andrei Rublev Museum, and A.V. Khokhlova, Research Associate of the Decorative and Applied Arts Sector of the Research and Foundation Department of the Andrei Rublev Museum.