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Exhibition 8 − October 30, 2010
At present there are various projects of periodic exhibitions supporting the development of circulation graphics (Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk, Ufa), but original graphics and, in particular, drawing have been forgotten. Drawing, a favorite technique of many masters of previous generations, has become a rarity at major exhibitions, which is a sad indicator of the possible loss of the school, in a certain understanding of this phenomenon. Within the framework of this project it is supposed to make an attempt to analyze the current state of this direction in the art of Russia, which will be possible at the level of creative communication and exchange of ideas of the recognized masters of the country.We want to give the opportunity for this life to continue in our festival and to give those who are engaged in creativity related to poetry - to come and look at each other, to share their work, to rejoice, to argue, and maybe to start something new, not yet discovered.

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