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Discovering new names. Cultural Code of Russia

Exhibition December 27, 2023 − January 26
This theme is raised in all kinds of art: literature, painting, art and crafts, music, theater, etc. For artists, the "Cultural Code" is embodied through various interpretations. Thus, for some - it is an epic historical canvas, referring viewers to the period of tsarist Russia or to the "eternal" subjects of religious nature, which forever remain in the minds of our people. Other paintings send to the world of Bylin heroes, who seem to have come out of folk tales. Presented and those who in his work turns to his personal history, because Russia could not exist without the institution of the family and the individual. That is why everyday sketches and chamber genre pieces are able to betray the culture of our multifaceted homeland.

With this exhibition we once again raise and draw attention to the critical importance of knowing what Russian culture consists of and the need to protect it as a national treasure.