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The opening of Evolution Art's exhibition "Supersensitive"

Exhibition February 9 − March 15
on February 9, Evolution Art's exhibition "Supersensitive" will open.
This is the fifth exhibition of the project.
More than 100 works from 40 artists from different cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Astana, Ufa, Kazan, Alexandrov, Samara, Rostov on Don.
Paintings, graphics, art objects, and sculptures will be presented.

The concept of the exhibition "Highly Sensitive:
It has been scientifically proven that as much as 20% of the population in our world lives with a particularly sensitive perception of reality. Approximately one in five people on Earth are born with a hypersensitive central nervous system called a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Highly Sensitive People experience the world more deeply than others due to their genetic predisposition. It is easy to guess that such people are more common among creative professions - artists.

Artists have a keen sense of the world around them and are able to convey this through their work.

Program for the evening:
⁃ Poetry performance ⁃
author's poems, music and light performed by actress and director Svetlana Gerasimovich.
⁃ Getting to know the artists and their authorial methods.
⁃ Auction of works at a reduced rate with the opportunity to purchase works directly at the opening.
⁃ A body art show in fluorescence by artist and curator Niki Tia-Sen.
⁃ After 22.00 DJ-sets from Dj NO POP and master of broken rhythm Dj SHIM.

Dj No POP - legendary DJ since 1995, vinyl collector since 1975, regular participant of Russian Burners events, author and organizer of Hallucinarium, resident of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia since 2012, resident of Zaryadye Park since 2020
Resident of Moscow Fashion Week since 2022, resident of Omelchenko Gallery, artist.

Dj SHIM is an innovator and a gloomy optimist, a brutal infantile and a refined egoist. He can easily prepare and powerfully serve a fat bass line. Musical digger. Believes that music is the oldest language of the Universe.
Of musical preferences, he preaches drum&base, breakbeat, halfstep, psybass and other low-frequency broken beat genres.

The exhibition "Highly Sensitive" is a kaleidoscope of works by artists who see the world differently - sensually - and express their ability in their art: Pavel Tsvetnov, Anna Dyatlovskaya, Ilona Belikova, Anastasia Yunkina, Vladilena Li, Alla, Kira Krivokobylskaya, Svetlana Mayorova, Zhura, Vladimir Gusak, Alyona Trifonova, Natalia Lesnykh, Larisa Gorikh, Irina Tochilo, Vladimir Sviridov, Yana Tvardovskaya, Shurik Stladny, Irina Naumycheva, Anna Sikorskaya, Artem Prokofiev, Anna Wolfson, Tatiana Gudkova, Elizaveta Suvorova, Ekaterina Ivanova, Ilya Skuratov, Lada Timicheva, Olga Semyonova-Bredikhina, Polina Krutova, Artur Bakhtin, BARVABRAR, Anna Trubetskaya, Ksenia Usenko, Daria Smirnova, Evgenia Kapatskaya.

Gathering of guests at 19:00 at Khodynsky Boulevard 2
The Spot, ending the event at 3:00.

Entrance is free !

The exhibition will run from February 9 through March 15, 2024.

We're looking forward to the opening!
Galleries at the exhibition