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Existential cyclicality

Exhibition 3 − February 9
From February 3-9, ArtMaison Gallery will host the exhibition "Existential Cyclicality.
Opening on February 3 at 7:00 pm!

The exhibit will feature the work of artists from the RecipeArt Club.

Each generation makes its own mistakes, as if before it there was no thousand-year history of the human race. There is no existential progress, only the everyday component of our life is changing. These changes are quantitative, and there were and are no qualitative changes, people do not change their properties from century to century. Existentially, there is only repetition. This is an area where the cycle reigns supreme. But in art there is a renewal - a return to the themes, techniques, traditions of the past, but with the application of the latest scientific achievements and in a form that is relevant at the moment. Examples of this are the revivals of interest in folk crafts, Greek art and the Italian Renaissance.

The technology of creativity of the artists of the club "RecipeArt" is that the theme, completed, or on the contrary, weakly manifested in the work of one of the artists, gets a new reading in another author.
The meaningful interrelationships in our works are not borrowings or the result of learning, but the development of ideas, commentary and reflection on what has been said before. The way paint is applied to a surface is considered secondary.

Texts, graphics, sculpture, painting are parts of a whole phenomenon. Texts express facets of meanings that cannot be shown visually. They are sides of the same coin.

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