Thrash avant-garde

Exhibition 9 − April 29

Until the end of April Fine Art Gallery at Winzavod is hosting a solo exhibition of Yuri Ulyashev's works "Trash Avant-Garde". Fifteen canvases and sketches from the series "Born from Childhood" were created by the artist over the past year under the careful curatorship of Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf and Ivan Korshunov.

A departure from academic canons and traditions to experimentation - a viewer-pleasing format where characters from world cartoons appear among simple geometric shapes.

Familiar images from Soviet and American cartoons - a cultural code recognizable to all people of the world - are placed among circles, cones and lines. Here is Cheburashka, timidly peeking out from the edge of the picture, as from a crate of oranges ("I will carry the suitcase, and you will carry me"). And here is Superman, soaring through the night sky ("Fly, dream!"). Behind each canvas is a personal story of the author.

The exhibition will intrigue both experienced lovers of contemporary painting and those who are just starting to visit galleries, the content of the paintings is ideal for introducing children to contemporary art.