Painting with thread

Exhibition June 20 − September 8
The art of medieval church sewing is still little known to a wide audience. The monuments created by craftswomen several centuries ago are relatively few in number - due to the peculiarities of manufacturing techniques and materials, as well as due to their use in liturgical services, they quickly became dilapidated and destroyed. Works of facial sewing require special storage conditions, which makes them rare exhibits in museum expositions.

The exhibition dedicated to face sewing is the first major project to introduce this type of decorative and applied art for many years. It will present works of XV-XX centuries of various functional purposes. These are icons, church banners (banners), liturgical sets (coverlets and "Position in the Coffin" airs), elements of liturgical vestments of clergy, shrouds, as well as icons made of beads and images in embroidered ribbons. Among the unique exhibits is a stick with the scene of the "Descent into Hell" of 1438-1439. It was a contribution to the Spaso-Andronikov Monastery by Princess Ulyana, the daughter-in-law of Prince Vladimir Andreyevich Brave of Serpukhov, and presumably had a memorial significance.

The exposition includes monuments from the funds of the Andrei Rublev Museum, the Museum of Christian Art "Church and Archaeological Cabinet" of the Moscow Theological Academy and private collections.

The curator of the exhibition is E. V. Davydova, Head of the Decorative and Applied Arts Sector of the Scientific and Foundation Department, Candidate of Historical Sciences.
Galleries at the exhibition