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Exhibition February 28 − August 27, 2018
Human, all too human. Bacon, Freud and the age of drawing life
A landmark exhibition at Tate Britain "Human, all too human. Bacon, Freud and the age of drawing life" talks about how artists have transferred their life experience in paints.

The exhibition presents about 100 works by some of the most famous modern British artists, led by Lucien Freud and Francis bacon. Their work reflects personal experiences and events, expressing a palpable reality of life in the paint. Said Freud: "I want paint to work as flesh."

The exhibition brings together important works by Walter Sickert, Stanley Spencer, Michael Andrews, Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoffa, Paula REGO, Jenny Saville and many others. Thus curators trace the links between generations of artists, and the history of figurative painting in the twentieth century.
Galleries at the exhibition
    1952, 76.2×101.6 cm
    1973, 83.8×111.8 cm
    2003, 213.4×243.8 cm
    1975, 198.1×147.3 cm
    1988, 213.4×213.4 cm
    1994, 120×160.6 cm
    All artworks at the exhibition