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The bridge of hope. Open yourself anew

Exhibition 1 − March 31, 2018
Welcome spring at the Gallery L'ACCENT RUSSE, where according to numerous requests of fans will be exhibition of works by the legendary contemporary artist Josephine wall "Bridge of hope. Open yourself up again".

Josephine wall (born may 1947 in Farnham, Surrey) is a popular English artist, visionary and sculptor. The works of Josephine wall are fascinating. Striking color combinations and an incredible abundance of details became a kind of brand of the artist. These paintings can be viewed for hours.

Considering the unusual stories, wondering how the artist draws his inspiration? Looking at the paintings of Josephine wall, filled with dreams, dreams and mysteries, we enter a world of enchanting beauty, in which the mundane and the amazing, the earthly with the mystical, the real with the fantastic.

The basis of the paintings lie myths, legends, tales, and natural scenes seen through the artist. Her paintings can be viewed endlessly and every time I find a new item. Drawing such a huge number of small parts makes the watch on a cloth, like lace on the frosty glass.

The exhibition features both well-known works of the artist, and the new, written recently. Some of the works offered for sale during the exhibition.

On the official website Gallery L'ACCENT RUSSE and website kudamoscow.ru.