At the forefront of time. The small stage. Moscow. 1917-1932

Exhibition March 7 − April 13, 2018
For his twentieth anniversary since the founding of the Gallery Elysium coincided with the exhibition "At the forefront of time. The small stage. Moscow. 1917-1932".

One of the goals of the project is to return to the history of art undeservedly forgotten names of artists who worked in small venues and played an important role in the development of "conceptual avant-garde theatre".

The exhibition includes the works of 24 artists. Many of the works of this exhibition will appear before the audience for the first time in the last fifty years or more. Among them are the works of such artists as A. A. Taldykin, N. V. Antimirova, N. N. Suckling, R. V. Raspopov, A. K. Burov, M. M. Bespalov.

Exhibits for the exhibition were provided by: State Central theatre Museum im. A. A. Bakhrushin, Russian national Museum of music, RGALI, the Museum of the Moscow art academic theatre The state academic Maly theatre, the Moscow academic musical theatre. K. S. Stanislavsky and VL. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, Moscow academic satire theatre, the Central scientific library of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, as well as the family (heirs) artists and private Moscow collectors.

Special attention deserves, developed on the basis of archival documents, "the Chronicle of the Moscow small stage 1917-1932". For the first time systematic large array of information about the rich and diverse creative activities of artists of the small stage, a list of Moscow theatres small stage.

In conjunction with many museums, archives and theater libraries, was carried out serious research work, which resulted in the scientific catalogue of the exhibition, including many works, most of which published for the first time.

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