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From the collection of the Borey gallery

Exhibition December 27, 2016 − January 14, 2017
in the Gallery halls
painting and graphics

Curator Alena Yurtaeva

Collection of the Art Center Borey began to emerge in the mid-nineties and now has about 1 000 works: paintings, graphics, and photography, and objects. All this is the work of contemporary authors, which were once exhibited at the Boreas and presented their work to our Foundation.

Doing another exhibition we are concerned with the formation of the Fund and pay more attention to the content of the project, guided by only their own ideas of "good" and "bad". Join the collection of works from the exhibition, with the exception of cases, when presented with a large scale installation, fragile objects or already owned by someone. This practice did not appear immediately, so if you look at the record, to put down an opinion about the Fund, circa 2000.

Fairs are organized in the result of the selection process of artists and curators, as well as due to the design of the Art Center.

Presentation of works by young and unknown artist, is always a risk for the gallery and collector. We are glad that some artists, who began to exhibit with us, now organises exhibitions in the best galleries, their works are involved in European auctions and large are in private and corporate collections.

Artists: Ostap Dragomoschenko,, Kerim Ragimov, Teemu mäki, Arthur Molev, Kolya Kopeikin, Association "New Stupid" (Vadim Flyagin, Igor Panin, Sergey Spirikhin, Inga Nagel, Vladimir Kozin, Oleg Khvostov), Gavrila Lubnin, Oleg Chernov, Andrew Rudiev, Olga Rostrosta, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Sasha Belle, Manya Alexeeva, Dmitry Shorin, and .t.d.

In addition to the projects of young/emerging artists we exhibit the works of famous authors.

Artists: Alexander Arefyev, Richard Vasmi, Shalom Schwartz, Vladimir Shagin and Natalia Zhilina, Boris Smelov, Vladilen Gavrilchik, Dmitry Shagin, Vladimir Shinkarev, Alexander and Olga florenskys, David Byrne, Oleg Lyagachev, Valeriesimon, Valery Lucca, Vladimir Yashke, Valentin Samarin, Tolsty (Vladimir Kotlyarov), Marina Spivak, Alexander Pozin, Valery Valran, Vladimir Zaitsev, etc.

The exhibition will feature works from the collection of the Art Center Borey, many of them didn't show for over 15 years. For sale only part of the works.
Galleries at the exhibition