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More than a sculpture

Exhibition March 7 − April 7, 2018
"More than sculpture" is a large sculptural project combining the latest augmented reality technology with traditional media. The exhibition focuses on current trends, retrospectives and acquisitions of Ukrainian plastic arts.

The organization of the world as we know it, is moving; there are more intangible elements that change the global economy, but remain invisible in the field of sensory perception. The project "More than sculpture" is the essence of things in the modern world, exposing the "point of reference" through plastic art as formalist skeleton of reality, and at the same time puts it into question, expanding the space of virtual elements.

Among the participants of the project:
Saeed Ahmadi, Yulia Belyaeva, Vladislav Volosenko, Marta Vashchuk, Miroslav Vajda, Mr Greek, Eugene Godenko, Peter Gronsky, Alexander Dyachenko, Sergey Trap, Yegor Zigura, Alexey Zolotarev, Konstantin Zorkin, Oleg Kapustiak, Victor farrier, Vladimir Kochmar, Anton Logov, Alexander Lyapin, Roman Minin, Anna Mironova, Natsprom, Ilya Novgorod Vasily and Vladimir Odrekhivska, Vitaly Protosenya, Ivan podgainyi, Vladimir SAI, Victor Sydorenko, Alexander Suholit, Anatoly Solid, Daniil Shumikhin Sergey Saulys, Basil Eric.

Photo: maincream.com, art-news.com.ua, pre-party.com.ua