Igor Gusev and Nata Has. "22:22"

Exhibition February 23 − March 23, 2018
Exhibition"22:22" in the Odessa gallery "University of arts" is the first joint project of artists-spouses Igor Gusev and Nata Has. The main part of the exhibition are paintings, but there are also art objects.

Despite the different styles, expozitia seems solid. In the paintings of Igor Gusev appears recognizable feature – a classic realist stories go into color bars. Lines, on the one hand, pluck a familiar image, but on the other, on the contrary, turn it into an endless stream of color.

In painting Nachi Has absent realistic images of her paintings is a kaleidoscope of colored bands, built in strict rhythm. In some places they are transformed into intricate mazes, but, on the contrary, asking the only possible way.

"When we considered the chess of glass [in the Vasarely Museum in Budapest], through the window came the bird and started to peck at the cones. It was a wonderful moment. As if in a fairy tale about snow Queen. Ice chess, poultry, and Nata Igor (Kai and Gerda) and Vasarely (snow Queen). So we realized that we want to create the story again, but differently. In Odessa. Home. And Yes keep us chess Vasarely," – said Nata Has.

Photo: Stanislav Gref